Hollyland Mars 400S Pro

  • Transmits up to 1080p60 SDI or HDMI video
  • 400' line-of-sight transmission to receiver, 300' to App
  • Bright OLED display
  • Real-time app monitoring and live streaming via the HollyView app
  • Simultaneously transmit to one receiver and two apps, or to four apps
  • HDMI and SDI inputs on transmitter and HDMI and SDI outputs on receiver
  • Two antennas on transmitter and two antennas on receiver
  • Power via L-series battery, DC adapter, or USB Type-C input
  • Integrated shoe adapter with 1/4"-20 mounting thread
  • Install optional channel scan firmware via the HollyView app to find the strongest signal

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Mars 400S Pro

Awaken the Power




Low Latency


Multiple Fan


Direct Video for

Live Streaming


Monitoring Feed

Multiple Power

Supply Options

In-App Channel Scan

& Firmware Upgrade

Next-Level Wireless Video Transmission

With a brand-new design, 12Mbps ultra-high data rate, SDI & HDMI dual interfaces, and other features built for professional filmmaking, the Mars 400s Pro brings wireless video transmission to the next level, empowering filmmakers, crews, and content creators.

12Mbps Data Rate for a Crisp, Fine-Detailed Look

At an upgraded data rate of 12Mbps, the system can easily handle video transmission at 1080p 60 fps, ensuring quality of live broadcasts and preserving details of every picture.

Numbers Matter: 0.1s & 400ft (120m)

With a transmission distance of up to 400ft (120m) and latency of less than 0.1s, wireless video transmission stays uninterrupted even in a studio that is as big as a soccer field. You can see the video immediately from anywhere.

SDI & HDMI Dual Interfaces

With the classic SDI + HDMI dual interfaces, you can choose either interface for input or output, and there is no need to use the same type of interface for both input and output. Whether it is a DSLR, mirrorless, or professional camera, you can easily connect it to the transmitter. The receiver supports output via both the SDI and HDMI interfaces at the same time. The system supports video transmission between multiple shooting and monitoring devices, meeting the wireless shooting and monitoring needs of most production teams.

Three Cooling Modes Available

There are three cooling modes available: auto, low, and off. The higher the fan speed, the lower the temperature of the device casing. The fan generates very little noise (the maximum noise level is 55dB). You can choose a cooling mode that meets the needs of the actual shooting.

Auto mode: The fan speed is adjusted according to the temperature of the device. To ensure rapid heat dissipation for the device, the fan speed increases as the heat rises.

Low-speed mode: The fan speed is reduced to the minimum, for a lower fan noise level.

Off mode: The fan is completely turned off to ensure no fan noise. This mode is ideal when an absolutely quiet environment is required.

1 Transmitter x 2 Receivers Efficient Monitoring Made Easy

One transmitter can work with up to two receivers. The system allows two parties (such as the director and lighting control personnel) on the shooting site to simultaneously monitor the shooting with high picture quality at the 12 Mbps data rate and ultra-low latency. Using the system, even a big production or live streaming team can achieve efficient team collaboration.

Smart Channel Scan

Smart channel scan finds the best channel for a stable and uninterrupted interference-free wireless transmission.

Note: The optimum channel is automatically selected after powerup, with no manual selection required.

Multiple Power Supply Options

Multiple power supply options ensure continuous power supply for any production situation. These options include an NP-F battery, a power bank, a USB charger with a USB-C interface, or a DC adapter.

Easy Monitoring via Mobile Devices

A mobile phone or tablet, with the app installed, can support monitoring. The app also functions as a tiny monitor and provides multiple auxiliary functions such as brightness histogram, frame marking, and zooming. Up to 4 mobile phones or tablets can be used for monitoring at the same time.

Packing List

Transmitter x1

Receiver x1

Antenna x5

DC Adapter x1

User Manual x1

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